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Citrasafe HC

Citrasafe HC
Citrasafe HC
Product Description

Application & Direction

1 in 100 dilution 10 ml Citrasafe-HC is made up to litre with Water or directly use Citrasafe-RTU solution

Cleaning & disinfection of surgical wounds, burns and dirty wounds. Swabbing in obstetrics & gynaecology. Storage of clinical thermometers.

1 in 30 dilution 35 ml of Citrasafe-HC is made up to 1 litre with Water

Cleaning/antiseptic treatment of wounds and burns.* Swabbing/disinfectant soak for used metal instruments. Appropriate instrument disinfection where no means of sterilization is available (30 minute immersion). Cleansing/disinfection of equipment, furniture and fittings in the vicinity of the patient, storage of clinical thermometers and sterile instruments.

1 in 30 dilution using 99% alcohol 35 ml of Citrasafe-HC with 200 ml water made up to 1 litre with 99% alcohol

Rapid skin antisepsis before operation and other invasive procedures. Disinfection of clean instruments and equipment(2 minutes immersion).

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